Development of Integrated System for Virtual Design and Performance Testing of Automobile Seat

자동차 시트 가상설계와 성능평가를 위한 통합시스템 개발

  • Published : 2000.07.01


Most of traditional design processes of mechanical parts are regarded as sequential and discrete, since different kinds of softwas should be introduced. In this paper, we develop an integrated fram ework for virtual design and performance testing of an automobile seat. The system is composed of four modules, i.e. CAD, static analysis, dynamic analysis, and draft drawing module. In the CAD module, PRO/ENGINEER 3D seat model is created using parameters to be modified with the result of static and dynamic analysis. In the static analysis, headrest tere used in each design stage make it difficult to feedback their results to upstream process. These discrete processes may result in time loss and cost rise. In recent years, life cycle of product is reduced. To have competence with others, new concept design processt is simulated using ANSYS. In the dynamic analysis module, FMVSS201 test is simulated using DADS. Overall data flow is controlled by Motif. The advantage of the system is that even a novice can perform and review the whole design process, without a good hand at professional design/analysis S/W in each stage. The system also provides a virtual design space, where engineers in different development stage can access common data of design models. The concept could be applied to other fields and it could reduce time and money required in design process.


FMVSS201 Test;Virtual Design;Data Interfacing;Automobile Seat;Parametric Design;Headrest Test


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