$CO_2$가스 배관용접부의 파괴인성평가에 관한 연구

Study on the Evaluation of Fracture Toughness at Welded Zone for the Pipe Steel by $CO_2$ Gas Welding

  • 발행 : 2000.07.01


The purpose of this study is to examine the fracture toughness of the welded pipe from the viewpoint of FATT for the S38 and S42 steels used widely as the pipe material. Post weld heat treatment(PW HT) was carried out like following conditions: temperature of 67$0^{\circ}C$, I hour of holding time and cooling in furnace. Fracture toughness was obtained by measuring the crack opening displacement(COD) of the notched specimens over the range of temperature from -14$0^{\circ}C$ to -$25^{\circ}C$. Hardness values at fusion line near around were the highest and the microstructures at welded zone were coarsened. Regardless of the pipe materials, COD and temperature curves of the as-welds were moved toward higher temperature compared with those of the parents. However, COD and temperature curves of the PWHT specimens were positioned at lower temperature compared with those of the as-welds. The more heat input causes to decrease the COD values at the constant temperature. It was verified through the recrystallization treatment that PWHT was attributed to move toward lower temperature region considerably due to the improved plastic deformation at the same applied COD value of 0.3mm and softening effect. In case of the weldment of S38 steel, cleavage fracture was observed at -105$^{\circ}C$ unlike the structural steels, in which brittle fracture mode was generally shown at - 196$^{\circ}C$.


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