Design and Sensitivity Analysis of Input Shaping Filter in the Z-domain

Z-영역에서 입력성형기의 설계와 민감도 해석

  • Published : 2000.07.01


Input shaping method is to convolute input shaper, which is sequence of impulses, with reference input command not to excite the natural frequency of system. To reduce residual vibration for the ch ange of frequency, the number of impulses should be increased. Until now, amplitudes and time interval of those has been searched from the derivative of residual vibration. However, if time interval of impulses is fixed as the half of vibration period of system, input shaper H(z) in z-domain becomes (I-pz-1)n/K in which increasing n is the mean that robustness for change of parameter is improved. Also, design of many types of input shapers in z-domain is very easy because sensitivity curve is displayed with $\mid$H(z)zn$\mid$$\times$100. In the z-domain, EI(Extra-Insensitive) input shaper could be designed without solving nonlinear simultaneous equations as design in continuous time domain. In addition to, the design possibility of input shaper for a damped system was shown.


EI(Extra-Insensitive);Input Shaping;Residual Vibration;Sensitivity Curve;Z-Domain


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