A Study on the Dynamic Energy Release Rate of an Orthotropic Strip with a Half Infinite Crack and Large Anistropic Ratio

이방성비가 큰 직교이방성체의 반 무한 균열에 대한 동적 에너지해방률에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.07.01


When an impact stress is applied on the external boundary of double cantilever beam of orthotropic material which crack length is greater than specimen hight and anistropic ratio is very high, dyna mic energy release rate is derived, and the relationship between dynamic energy release rate and crack propagating velocity is studied. Dynamic energy release rate to static energy release rate is decreased with increasment of crack propagating velocity. The relationships between dynamic energy release rate and vertical strain have a similar pattern with those between static energy release rate and vertical strain. When normalized time(Cstla) is greater than or equal to 2, dynamic energy release rate approaches to a constant value.


Anistropic Ratio;Orthotropic Material;Shear Wave Velocity;Fourier Transformation;Wiener-Hopf Technique;Double Cantilever Beam;Impact Stress;Dynamic Energy Release Rate;Crack Propagating Velocity;DCB


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