Development of Tire Lateral Force Monitoring System Using SKFMEC

SKFMEC를 이용한 차량의 타이어 횡력 감지시스템 개발

  • Published : 2000.07.01


Longitudinal and lateral forces acting at tire are known to be closely related to the tractive ability, braking characteristics, handling stability and maneuverability of ground vehicles. However, it is not feasible in the operating vehicles to measure the tire forces directly because of high cost of sensors, limitations in sensor technology, interference with the tire rotation and harsh environment. In this paper, in order to develop tire force monitoring system, a new vehicle dynamics monitoring model is proposed including the roll motion. Based on the monitoring model, tire force monitoring system is designed to estimate the lateral tire force acting at each tire. A newly proposed SKFMEC (Scaled Kalman Filter with Model Emr Compensator) method is developed utilizing the conventional EKF (Extended Kalman Filter) method. Tire force estimation performance of the SKFMEC method is evaluated in the Matlab simulations where true tire force data is generated from a 14 DOF vehicle model with a combined-slip Magic Formula tire model.


Tire Force Monitoring System;Vehicle Dynamics Model;SKFMEC


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