Hybrid Position/Force Control of the Direct-Drive Robot Using Learning Controller

학습제어기를 이용한 직접구동형 로봇의 하이브리드 위치/힘 제어

  • Hwang, Yong-Yeon
  • 황용연
  • Published : 2000.03.01


The automatization by industrial robot of today is merely rely on to the simple position repeating works, but requirements of research and development to the force control which would adapt positively to various restriction or contacting works to environment. In this paper, a learning control algorithm using, neural networks is proposed for the position and force control by a direct-drive robot. The proposed controller is the feedback controller to which the learning function of neural network is added on to and has a character of improving controller's efficiency by learning. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by the experiment on the hybrid position and force control of a parallelogram link robot with a force sensor


Robotics;Position/Force Control;Control Device;Hybrid Control;Learning Controller


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