Efficient Algorithm for the Real-time Generation of Reflection Lines

자동차 스타일링을 위한 반사선의 실시간 생성 및 표현 알고리듬

  • Published : 2000.01.01


Depending upon the method of the surface generation and the quality of the boundary curves provided, the resulting surfaces may have global or local irregularities in many cases. Thus it would be necessary for the designer to evaluate the surface quality and to modify the surface. This capability is very important because the defect of the surface requires the rework of the dies that causes a big loss in cost and delivery time. To simulate the reflection line test in the actual production line, a faster generation algorithm is presented. Among., various surface interrogation methods using reflection lines, Blinn-Newell type of reflection mapping is applied to generate reflection lines on the trimmed NURBS surface. The generation of reflection lines is formulated as a surface-plane intersection problem, and solved by surface-contouring techniques. In addition, a modified reflection map is proposed to eliminate the discontinuity of reflection lines due to the configuration of the reflection map. A fast reflection line algorithm is developed utilizing an efficient traced contouring technique, and proved to be well suited for real-time quality-assessment task.


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