Crack Analysis under Fretting Condition by Rounded Punch

라운딩 펀치에 의한 프레팅 상태에서의 균열 해석

  • Published : 2000.06.01


Surface edge crack subjected to contact stresses is analysed. A punch with corner radii is considered to press the semi-infinite plane. Partial slip problem is solved when a shear force is applied to the punch. Dislocation density function method is used to solve the present mixed mode crack problem. The crack length of positive K1 is examined, which is affected by the ratio of the flat portion to the total width of the punch. Surface traction during one cycle of the shear force is evaluated to simulate the fretting condition. The compliance change of the contact surface is also investigated during the shear cycle. It is found that the crack grows during only a part of the cycle, which may be termed as effective period of crack growing. A design method for restraining the fretting failure is discussed, from which recommendable geometry of the punch is suggested.


Rounded Punch;Stress Intensity Factor;Partial Slip;Effective Period of Crack Growing;Fretting Failure


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