Dynamic Bulging Behavior Analysis by Finite Difference Method in High Speed Continuous Casting of Thin Slab

유한 차분법에 의한 Thin Slab 고속 연속주조의 동적벌징 거동해석

  • Published : 2000.07.01


Continuous casting process has been adopted increasingly in recent years to save both energy and labor. It has experienced a rapid development in the production of semi-finished steel products, rep lacing the conventional route of ingot casting and rolling. In order to achieve this merit, however, more studies about the mechanism between roll and slab are needed. In this paper, a dynamic bulging in steel cast slabs was simulated by considering the solidification and heat transfer. This study is to prevent internal cracks of a slab in a bending and unbending zone. The value of moving strand shell bulging between two supporting rollers under the ferrostatic pressure and slab-self weight has been calculated in terms of creep and elasto-plasticity. The strain and strain rate distributions in solidified shell undergoing a series of bulging are calculated with working boundary conditions.


Internal Crack;Dynamic Bulging;High Speed Continuous Casting;Creep


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