AC Impedance Study of Oxygen Electrode in Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell

교류 임피던스법에 의한 인산형 연료전지의 산소전극 특성 연구

  • Published : 2000.11.01


Electrochemical properties of the oxygen electrode in phosphoric acid fuel cell have been studied using AC impedance method as a function of applied potential, operating temperature and teflon content in the electrode. The oxygen electrode reaction in the $105wt.\%$ phosphoric acid is characterized by a parallel resistive component, $R_p$ and a capacitive component, $C_p$ with serial electrolyte resistance, $R_s$. The conductivity of the phosphoric acid is found to be 0.31-0.47 S/cm in the range of $130\;to\;190^{\circ}C$ from the measured impedance. The increase of applied potential and temperature produced the decreased RP and the increased $C_p$, which means the increase of the oxygen electrode reaction rate. The single cells with the cathode of various teflon contents were tested, and the cathode with $40wt.\%$ teflon showed good performance, which is considered to be related to an optimized impedance behavior.