Inhibitory Effect of GE974 isolated from Gyrophora esculenta on ${\alpha}-Glucosidase$

석이에서 분리한 GE974의 ${\alpha}-Glucosidase$ 저해효과

  • Published : 2000.06.30


This study was conducted to search for the ${\alpha}-glucosidase$ inhibitor from the natural products. In the previous study, the water extract of Gyrophora esculenta exhibited a potent inhibitory effect on ${\alpha}-glucosidase$ activities. Then, by bioassay-guided fractionation followed by chromatographic separation of the water extract of Gyrophora esculenta, ${\alpha}-glucosidase$ inhibitor was isolated as GE974. GE974 showed significant inhibitory activities on some kinds of ${\alpha}-glucosidase$ in vitro. Its inhibitory mechanism seemed to be competitive for disaccharides. Also, it markedly inhibited ${\alpha}-glucosidases$ of intestine separated from both nondiabetics and diabetics.