Stabilization to Sunlight of Natural Coloring Matter by Soluble Methyl-Hesperidin

수용성 메틸-헤스페리딘에 의한 천연색소의 빛에 대한 안정화

  • 우동호 (삼양제넥스 식품연구실)
  • Published : 2000.02.28


Soluble methyl-hesperidin (MH) powder was prepared from crude MH, and was investigated on the stabilization to sunlight of natural coloring matter. Soluble MH powder was added to riboflavin, bixin, and paprika oleoresin solutions at concentration of 0.1 or 0.2%(w/w), and the absorbance of respective solutions was analyzed by spectrophotometer after exposing to sunlight for $10{\sim}24$ hr. While coloring matter solutions without MH was faded completely with lapse of time, addition of MH retarded to fade natural coloring matters. According as amount of MH added increased, MH showed more excellent stabilizing effect on the coloring matters. Especially, vitamin C with soluble MH showed remarkable synergistic effect in paprika oleoresin solution during the exposure to sunlight for 8 hr. Consequently, it was found that MH plays a role as excellent stabilizer of natural coloring matters to ultraviolet of sunlight.