A Comparison of Characteristics of Minerals and Phytate between Korean and Imported Wheat Varieties

한국산 소맥과 수입 소맥의 무기질 특성과 phytate 비교

  • Published : 2000.04.30


A Comparative study was performed among five Korean wheat(Greu, Eunpa, Tapdong, Allgreu, Woori) and three imported wheat(Dark Northern Spring, Austrian Standard Wheat, Western White) to investigate the characteristics of minerals and phytate from Korean wheat varieties. Ash contents of kernel was higher in Korean wheat than in imported wheat and related to ash contents and darkness of flour. More contents of Fe, P, and Mg from Korean wheat grains and Fe from Korean wheat flours were observed in comparison to imported wheat varieties. Fe concentration in Korean flour show high, indicating Fe was distributed at endosperm layer of kernels and not eliminated with milling. In addition, phytate affecting availability of minerals was determined from kernels and flours. Even though Korean wheat kernels had more phytate than that of imported wheat kernels, it is believed that most of phytate was removed with milling and there was no major difference between Korean and imported wheat flours. We also observed that the content of phosphate closely parallels the content of phytate from both the flours and kernels.


Korean wheat flour;ash contnet;color;mineral composition;phytate content