Effect of Ozone Water on Pesticide-Residual Contents of Soybean Sprouts during Cultivation

콩나물 재배중 잔류농약 함량에 미치는 오존수 처리 효과

  • Published : 2000.04.30


This study was conducted to investigate the effect of ozone treatment on the growth and pesticide-residual contents of soybean sprouts during cultivation. Total weight and length of the soybean sprouts treated by 0.3 ppm ozone water for 30min during soaking of soybean increased 27% and 19% higher than those of control group, respectively. But 27% of root weight decreased. No major differences in growth state were observed between the treatments during soaking and watering with ozone water, and watering with ozone water. Pesticide residues in soybeans treated with carbendazim, captain, diazinon, fenthim, dichlorvos and chlorpyrifos ranged from 4.75 to 8.35 ppm. The pesticides in soybean sprouts by the treatment of soaking and watering with water for 5 days, those by 0.3 ppm ozone-water watering, and those by soaking and watering with 0.3 ppm ozone water were destroyed to $85{\sim}99$, $89{\sim}100$ and $94{\sim}100%$, respectively. The order of degradation ratio in the pesticides was captan>dichlorvos>fenthion>carbendazin>diazinon>chlorpyrifos.


soybean sprouts;pesticide residues;ozone treatment