Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Beef and Pork for Low Lipid Sausage Manufacturing

저지방 소시지 제조를 위한 쇠고기와 돼지고기의 초임계 이산화탄소 추출

  • Kwon, Young-An (Woosuk University, Department of Food Science and Technology)
  • 권영안 (우석대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 2000.04.30


Lipid and cholesterol were extracted from beef and pork by the supercritical carbon dioxide $(SC-CO_2)$ for the manufacturing of low-lipid and low-cholesterol sausage. The ranges of extraction temperature and pressure were from 35 to $55^{\circ}C$ and from 103 to 375 bar, respectively. $SC-CO_2$ extraction yield of beef lipid increased as extraction pressure increased and/or extraction temperature decreased, while extraction temperature was more influential on the cholesterol extraction than pressure condition. When lipid and cholesterol of freeze-dried beef with varied moisture contents were extracted, their solubilities increased as the moisture content reduced. The extraction of lipid and cholesterol from pork was shown the same tendency as the beef. The chunk type of beef shape was more suitable for the lipid and cholesterol extraction than the powder type of beef. The color of meat after $SC-CO_2$ extraction was lighter than the raw freeze dried meat because of the extraction of color pigments. After $SC-CO_2$ extraction, beef and pork were rehydrated and mixed with raw beef and pork containing lipid and cholesterol. Their mixing ratio up to 50 : 50 did not affect physical properties of the sausage compared with the control sausage.


$SC-CO_2$ extraction;lipid;cholesterol;sausage