Effect of Nitrogen Gas Packing and ${\gamma}-Oryzanol$ Treatment on the Shelf Life of Yukwa(Korean Traditional Snack)

질소치환포장 및 ${\gamma}-Oryzanol$ 첨가가 유과의 저장성에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.04.30


This study examined the effect of nitrogen$(N_2)$ gas packing and ${\gamma}-oryzanol$ treatment on the shelf life of Yukwa(Korean traditional snack). Yukwa were stored with $N_2$ gas packing(AN), $N_2$ gas packing with ${\gamma}-oryzanol$ treatment(ANA), and PE film packing with air(PE) for 20 days at $60^{\circ}C$. They were evaluated by POV, AV, conjugated diene, hexanal, color and sensory characteristics. The POV, AV and conjugated diene content increased abruptly in PE and AN, but increased slowly in ANA with prolonged storage. Higher sensory scores for Yukwa were found in ANA as compared to those in PE and AN. Hexanal content, yellowness and redness in AN were higher than those in ANA and PE. The moisture content, which is supposed to be related with browning of Yukwa, was 3 times higher in AN than that in PE. Oxygen content of each Yukwa pack, even in $N_2$ gas packing, increased remarkably as storage period increased because their highly porous, fragile and syrup-coated structure resulted in incomplete degassing before $N_2$ gas was flushed into package. Consequently, $N_2$ gas packing was inefficient, but $N_2$ gas packing combined with antioxidant(such as ${\gamma}-oryzanol$) treatment was effective for the extension of shelf life of Yukwa.