Tyrosinase Reaction in AOT/Isooctane/Reverse Micelles

AOT/이소옥탄/역미셀계에서의 Tyrosinase 반응

  • Published : 2000.04.30


It is difficult to accurately evaluate the effect of lipophilic compounds in aqueous reaction system of enzymes because they are immiscible with water. To screen lipophilic inhibitors of tyrosinase which catalyzes the synthesis of melanin in vivo, an optically clear organic system composed of organic solvent, surfactant, and water, often called reverse micelles(RM), was introduced. Optimal RM to let tyrosinase act normally was composed of isooctane as an organic solvent and dioctyl sulfosuccinate(AOT) of 100 mM as a surfactant. When a molar ratio of water to surfactant was 15, tyrosinase(105.3 units) in RM showed a similar reactivity toward 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine(0.18 mM) as in the aqueous assay system. In the presence of cinnamic acid, the product formation of tyrosinase reaction was proportional to the reaction time. This indicates that the inhibitory effect of lipophilic compounds could be analyzed in RM.


tyrosinase;reverse micelles;surfactant;inhibitor