A Method for Analysis of Styrene Dimer and Trimer in Foods and Containers

식품 및 용기 중 스티렌 다이머 및 트리머의 분석법

  • Published : 2000.12.30


A method for quantitative determination of styrene dimer and trimer, which are suspected as endocrine disruptors, in foods and containers was studied. For residual contents of styrene dimer and trimer in two-kinds of containers, which contained instant noodle and yogurt, sample pieces were completely dissolved in tetrahydrofuran. The polymer was precipitated with n-hexane, a portion of supernatant was concentrated for analysis. A sensitive method was also optimized for the quantification of styrene dimer and trimer in foods such as instant cup noodle and yogurt by using GC/MS. Limits of Detection were about 3.2-87.0 ppb for styrene dimers and trimers. The highest recovery was obtained by extraction with acetone/hexane(1:1), followed by florisil clean-up. The levels of styrene dimer and trimer migrated by food simulants were much higher in heptane.


styrene dimer & trimer;cup noodle;yogurt;endocrine disruptors