The Effects of Ethylene Absorbent on the Quality of 'Fuyu' Persimmon Fruits in MA Package

MA 포장내 에틸렌 흡착 처리가 단감 '부유'의 선도유지에 미치는 영향

  • Ahn, Gwang-Hwan (Sweet Persimmon Experiment Station, Kyeongnam ARES) ;
  • Ha, Yeong-Le (Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Gyeongsang National University) ;
  • Shon, Gil-Man (Sweet Persimmon Experiment Station, Kyeongnam ARES) ;
  • Song, Won-Doo (Sweet Persimmon Experiment Station, Kyeongnam ARES) ;
  • Seo, Kwang-Ki (Sweet Persimmon Experiment Station, Kyeongnam ARES) ;
  • Choi, Seong-Jin (Department of Plant Breeding, Catholic University of Taegu-Hyosung)
  • Published : 2000.12.30


The study was performed to elucidate the effects of ethylene-absorbent on the quality of 'Fuyu' persimmon fruits in the MA package. Five persimmons were packed in a MA package film (low density polyethylene, 0.055 mm film thickness), and stored at $-0.5^{\circ}C$ for 60 days. Two persimmons were repacked in a MA package with or without ethylene absorbent $(1\;M\;KMnO_4+zeolite)$ and stored at $-0.5^{\circ}C$. Ten days later, these packages was moved to $2^{\circ}C$ or $25^{\circ}C$ storage room to examine the effect of the ethylene-absorbent on the quality of the fruits. Ethylene removal by enclosed ethylene absorbent in MA packaging reduced the rate of fruit respiration at $25^{\circ}C$, so that $O_2$ and $CO_2$ concentration in packing were maintained higher and lower, respectively, compared to control. These effects were not observed, however, in $2^{\circ}C$ post-storage. Fruit firmness and sugar composition were also influenced by ethylene absorbent, showing more delayed flesh softening and higher sucrose concentration in ethylene absorbent treated fruits than control. But ethylene-absorbent treatment lowered glucose and fructose concentration. That shows that ethylene could influence on sugar composition by inhibiting sucrose inversion to glucose and fructose. The production of ethanol and acetaldehyde was reduced by ethylene removal, but the effect was not so high as other quality indices.


persimmon;softening;respiration;ethylene absorbent