Genetic Identification of the Kimchi Strain Using PCR-based PepN and 16S rRNA Gene Sequence

PepN과 16S rRNA Gene Sequence 및 PCR 방법을 이용한 김치 젖산균의 동정

  • Published : 2000.12.30


The WL6 strain isolated from Kimchi could not be made scientific name because it was identified as three species, i.e., Leuconostoc mesenternides ssp cremoris, Leu. mesenteroides ssp. dextranicum or Lactobacillus bifermentans when it was tested by API kit or Biolog system methods. The unidentifiable WL6 strain was finally reclassified as Lactobacillus bifermentans by genetic identification using two PCR-based specific sequence primer sets which were originated from homologous pepN and 16S rRNA genes.