Stability of Casein-Pectin Mixtures in Apple Juice

사과주스에서 카제인-펙틴 혼합물의 안정성

  • Published : 2000.12.30


The effect of addition of pectin on the stability of casein solution was studied to apply casein-pectin mixture to apple juice. The solubility of 0.1% casein solution was below 20% at pH 3-5. However, the solubility of 0.1% casein-0.1% pectin mixtures was over 70% at pH 2-10. The increase in the concentration of casein-pectin mixture showed adverse effect on the solubility. The apple juice (pH 3.4), containing 0.1-0.5% casein-pectin mixtures, remained stable without the precipitation of casein. The stability of apple juice including casein-pectin mixture was maintained upon heating at $100^{\circ}C$ for 10 minutes or refrigerating for a week. This study suggested the possibility of protein fortification to acidic beverages since casein-pectin mixture maintained stability in apple juice.


casein;pectin;solubility;stability;apple juice