Formation of Acycloretinoic Acid by Autoxidation of Lycopene

Lycopene의 자동산화에 의한 Acycloretinoic acid의 생성

  • Kim, Seon-Jae (Food Industrial Technology Research Center, Mokpo National University)
  • 김선재 (목포대학교 식품산업기술연구센터)
  • Published : 2000.12.30


Acycloretinoic acid was prepared from acycloretinal by oxidation with Tollens reagent. Acycloretinoic acid was separated with Silica-HPLC and analyzed by ODS-HPLC with a photodiode array detector and by GC-MS. Lycopene was solubilized in toluene and aqueous Tween 40, and then oxidized by incubating at $37^{\circ}C$ under atmospheric oxygen. Acidic compound was produced by autoxidation of lycopene. Retention time, UV-Vis spectra and mass spectra of the acidic compound were identical to the standard acycloretinoic acid. Thus, acycloretinoic acid was confirmed to occur in vitro under oxidation condition of lycopene.


lycopene;autoxidation;acycloretinoic acid