Preparation and Evaluation of $PGE_1$ Transurethral Suppositories

프로스타글란딘 $E_1$ 요도좌제의 제조 및 평가

  • Published : 2000.09.20


The purpose of this work is to develop a transurethral suppository containing prostaglandin $E_1\;(PGE_1)$, which stabilizes the drug, gives no irritation to physiological body and enhances the erectile response of $PGE_1.\;PGE_1$ transurethral suppositories were prepared with various amounts of compositions such as saturated polyglycolysed glyceride $(Suppocire^{\circledR}\;AP,\;SAP)$, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil (HCO-50) and ethanol. The melting points, viscosities and $PGE_1$ release of the suppositories were investigated. Ocular irritation test was carried out after application of $PGE_1$ suppository to rabbit's eye. The intracavernous pressure (ICP), penile length and duration of erectile response were determined after transurethral administration of $PGE_1$ suppository and compared with those after intracavernosal injection of $PGE_1$ solution to cats. HCO-50 hardly affected the melting points and viscosities of $PGE_1$ suppositories. Additionally, $PGE_1$ transurethral suppositories, whose melting point ranges was $34-35^{\circ}C$, was speedily melted in physiological body. HCO-50 significantly decreased the dissolution rates of $PGE_1$ from the suppositories. Dissolution mechanism analysis showed the release of $PGE_1$ was proportional to the square root of time, indicating that $PGE_1$ might be released from the suppositories by Fickian diffusion. The release rate of $PGE_1$ from $PGE_1$ suppository [PGE1/SAP/HCO-50/ethanol (1/94.5/2.5/2%)] was about 80% within 2 h. This $PGE_1$ suppository gave no significant irritation to the ocular tissue, expecting that it gave no irritation to the urethral tissue less sensive than ocular tissue. Furthermore, $PGE_1$ in this suppository was stable at $4^{\circ}C$ for 2 years. This suppository increased the ICP and penile erection similar to those of injectable $PGE_1$ solution. However, it gave 2.5-fold increased duration of erectile response than injectable $PGE_1$ solution. Our results suggested that it gave more effective erectile response than injectable $PGE_1$ solution in cats. It is concluded that this $PGE_1$ suppository with good safety, excellent stability and enhanced erectile response, could be a more effective and convenient transurethal delivery system of $PGE_1$.