Warpage Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Parts

단섬유 보강 이방성 사출성형품의 휨 해석

  • Published : 2000.08.01


A warpage analysis program has been developed for fiber-reinforced injection molded parts. The warpage is predicted from the residual stress and anisotropic thermo-mechanical properties coupled with fiber orientation in the integrated injection molding simulation. A simple elastic model is used for the calculation of thermally and pressure-induced residual stresses which are employed as the initial conditions in the structural analysis. To improve the reliability of warpage analysis, a new triangular flat shell element superimposing well-known efficient plate bending and membrane element is presented. The numerical examples address the necessity to use anisotropic models for fiber-reinforced materials and show that predicted warpage is in good agreement with experimentally measured one.


Warpage Analysis;Fiber Orientation;Residual Stress;Injection Molded Parts;Flat Shell Element