Analysis of Anisotropic Circular Conical Shells with Free Supports

자유경계를 갖는 비등방성 원뿔형 쉘의 해석

  • 손병직 (서울시립대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 백한솔 (서울시립대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 장석윤 (서울시립대학교 토목공학과)
  • Received : 2000.04.27
  • Published : 2000.08.27


In recent years, composite materials have been used in civil engineering as well as architecture, automobile, aerospace, shipping industries. Composite materials are composed of two or more different materials to produce desirable properties for structural strength. The shell structures have the advantage of more efficient load resistance due to its curved shape as compared to the plate structures. And the shell structures with composite materials have many advantages in strength, corrosion resistance, and weight reduction. The objective of this study is to analyze circular conical shells with shear deformation effects and to prove the advantage of composite materials. To solve differential equations of conical shells, this paper used finite difference method.


Supported by : 서울시립대학교


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