Behavior of Concrete-Filled Square Tubular Beam-Column under Cyclic Load

반복하중을 받는 콘크리트충전 각형강관 보-기둥의 거동

  • Received : 2000.05.17
  • Published : 2000.08.27


The purpose of this research is to evaluate the capacity of strength and plastic deformation of those members, and provide experimental data on the seismic behavior of these members as a basis for developing guidelines for designing seismically resistant concrete-filled steel tubular columns. Eighteen cantilever-type specimens were tested under constant axial load and cyclically lateral load as models of bottom columns in high-rise building. The parameters studied in the test program included, are width-thickness ratio of steel tube, slenderness ratio (Lo/D) and axial force ratio. From the test results, the effects of parameters on the strength, the deformation capacity, energy absorption capacity are discussed. The specimen flexural capacity under combined axial and lateral loading was found to be almost accurately predicted by criteria AIJ and AISC-LRFD providing conservative results. Therefore KSSC for encased composite column can be applied to the concrete filled column if composite section and elastic modulus are modified according to AIJ and AISC-LRFD. Finally, the proposed flexural capacity considering confinement effects is a food agreement on the tests results.


Supported by : 한양대학교, 포항제철(주)


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