Atomic motion and spatial distribution of 87Rb by Coordinate-dependent asymmetry radiation force in MOT

MOT에서 좌표의존 비대칭 광압에 의한 루비듐 원자의 운동과 원자 구름 분포

  • Published : 2000.08.01


We observed the spatial distributions of atom in a magneto-optical trap. These distributions include sphere, stick, ring, ring with core, sphere-sphere, sphere-ring etc. Coordinate-dependent asymmetry radiation force (CDARF) that arises due to laser beams misalignment and transverse profile of the laser beams is exerted on atoms, and the shape of trapped cloud is changed with the misalignment parameter. We use equations of motion that takes into account the Zeeman sublevels of the 87Rb atom, magnitude and direction of magnetic field, polarization of trapping lasers, and transverse profile of the laser beams. A theoretical analysis of the equation of motion for the trapped atom explained all the experimental observations.



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