Collimation testing of a white light beam and measurement of chromatic aberration of a lens by using vernier Moire fringe patterns

버니어 무아레 무늬를 이용한 백색광의 시준 검사 및 렌즈의 색수차 측정

  • Published : 2000.08.01


The new collimation testing technique of a white light beam using vernier Moire fringes of two line or circular gratings with different pitches is presented. We can visually measure the defocusing ($\Deltaf$), the divergence angle ($\theta$), and the longitudinal chromatic aberration $(L_{ch})$ of a collimating lens by using the technique. For example, we obtained $\Deltaf$= 21.9 mm and $\theta=0.0038^{\circ}$ for a testing lens with the focallengthf = 120.0 mm and F-number of F/2.4. The longitudinal chromatic aberration $L_{ch}$ of another testing lens withf = 65.0 mm, F/1.6, and the Abbe number V = 64.1 for the incident wavelengths of $\lambda_1=480 nm and \lambda_2=640 nm$ is easily measured by same technique. It is found that the measured value $L_{ch}=1.59mm(\pm0.01mm)$ is well agreed with $L_{ch}=1.58mm(\pm0.01mm)$ obtained by the autofocus method.



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