Optical system design for compact digital still camera using diffractive optical elements

회절광학소자를 이용한 컴팩트 디지털 스틸 카메라용 광학계 설계

  • 박성찬 (단국대학교 기초과학부 물리전공)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


In this paper, the fundamental properties of diffractive optical element were investigated. Also, this work deals with theoretical approaches for achromatization in DOE's optical system based on thin lens theory. It is found that achromatization could be satisfied by one hybrid lens only, which is composed of a diffractive and a refractive element. In order to have compact optical system, we used the tele-photo type lens composed of a positive and a negative power elements instead of retro-focus lens. From the Gaussian brackets and Seidel aberration theory, the initial design was numerically obtained. The aberration properties of an initial design was aplanat and flat field. In order to correct the chromatic aberrations, refractive and diffractive elements were used on front element. This hybrid lens is also useful for correction of higher order aberrations. Compared to conventional design composed of refractive lenses only, this approach dramatically improved the compactness of the optical system. Finally, residual aberration balancing results in a lens with focal length of 3.89 mm and overall length of 5.19 mm, which has enough performance over an f-number of 4.0. Also, it is expected to fulfill all the requirements of a digital still camera lens. This optical system is superior to the current refractive lens system in the number of elements, weight, and aberration properties. rties.



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