Characteristics of Peach Vinegar by Parallel Complex Fermentation

복숭아 식초의 병행복발효 특성

  • 조재욱 (경북농업기술원 청도복숭아시험장) ;
  • 김임수 (경북농업기술원청도복숭아시험장) ;
  • 김미경 (경북농업기술원 청도복숭아시험장) ;
  • 이윤경 (경북농업기술원 청도복숭아시험장) ;
  • 김순동 (경북농업기술원 청도복숭아시험장)
  • Published : 2000.03.01


The study was conducted to investigate the characteristics of peach vinegar by parallel-complex fermentations. The vinegars prepared by using Changbnag-Chosang and Yumung peach cultivars added with 7, 10, and 13% sugaring concentrations were examined. The rate of increase in alcohol degree and titratable acidity, and that of decrease in soluble solids showed higher at Yumyung peach than at Changbang-chosang. Alcohol and acetic acid fermentation by paralle-complex fermentation were performed better in Yumyung peach than Changbang -chosang. but the fermentation of Yumyung showed active alcohol fermentation in the early stage, and active acetic acetic acid fermentation in the late stage. Quality of the vinegar prepared with Yumyung peach was better than that of Changbang-chosang, which were evaluated by acetic acid contents , peach taste and odor in the vinegar, and overall taste. The fermentation was accelerated with an increase in sugaring , concentrating but overall taste was best in 10 % sugaring.