Variation of fibrinolytic enzyme activity produced Bacillus subtilis by gene cloning

유전자 cloning에 의한 Bacillus subtilis의 fibrinolytic enzyme 활성 변화

  • Published : 2000.02.01


The transformation of Bacillus subtilis K-54 and J-10 was carried out with constructed vectors containing structure and enhancer genes of aprN and prtR, to increase their fibrinolytic enzyme activity. Bands for the aprN and prtR genes were identified from B. subtilis J-10 by PCR that was carried out with the constructed primers for the genes. In addition, the gene fragments contained promoter site based on the results of analysing their nucleotide sequence. The two gene fragments, aprN and prtR, obtained by the PCR, were, then, inserted to vector such as T-vector and E.coli/Bacillus shuttle vector. The constructed vector were designated as pAPR2 (aprN), pENC2 (prtR) and pFLA1 (aprN and prtR), respectively. The constructed vector was used for transformation of the strains of B.subtilis J-10 and B. subtilis K-54 and the fribrinolytic activity of the transformed strains was investigated. The introduction of the vector, pAPR2 and the fibrinolytic activity of the transformed strains was investigated. The introduction of the vector, pAPR2 and pFLA1, resulted in the increase of fibrinolyitic enzyme activity in B. subtilis J-10 by 27.3% and 16%, respectively. However, the introduction of pENC2 to B. subtilis J-10 did not seem to induce increase of the enzyme activity. The strain of B.subtilis K-54 transformed with pENC2 showed an increased fibrinolytic activity by 5 folds compared with that of the original strain of B. subtilis K-54.


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