Seasonal Variation of Proximate Composition in Ark Shell (Scapharca subcrenata) Tissues

새고막(Scapharca subcrenata)의 각 조직별 일반성분의 계절변동

  • 박춘규 (여수대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


In order to investigate the appropriate processing season and the production of high value-added products in ark shell(Scapharca subcrenata) cultured at the south coast of Korea, the foot muscle, mantle, and adductor muscle were analyzed for moisture, protein, fat, ash, and glycogen using specimens collected bimonthly from December 1994 to December 1995. The contents of moisture in foot muscle and mantle increased in spring season, however their proteins decreased in same season. Glycogen and fat in foot muscle, mantle, and adductor muscle were most abundant in June, just before the spawning season, but all the cmponsnts dwindled during spawning season. The other hand, the contents of ash in tissues were almost the same level through the year. Thus, the contents of moisture, protein, fat, and glycogen were almost the same level through the year. Thus, the contents of moisture, protein, aft, and glycogen were fluctuated by season. Especially, they showed a marked seasonal variation at before and after sparning season. So, a major cause of seasonal variation in S. subcrenata would be connected with a period of reproduction and spawning season.


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