Changes of Brine Characteristics during the Salting Process of Winter, Spring, and Summer Chinese Cabbage

계절별 배추 절임염수의 특성변화

  • Published : 2000.02.01


Major characteristics of brines produced from the salting process were compared among winter, spring, and summer (highland) Chinese cabbages. The soluble-solids contents of final brine were decreased to 87~90% of initial brine during salting process, and showed 16.3, 15.8, and 14.4$^{\circ}$Brix for winter, spring, and highland Chinese cabbages, respectively. The pHs showed similar changes during salting process from pH 8.40~8.63 for initial to pH 6.03~6.24 for final. The high salting(12.4~14%) of final brine needs dilution or reuse treatemnt before discard. The COD of final brine were increased to 39.6 ppm, 52.1 ppm, 37.7 ppm, respectively. During salting total microbial counts of final brine were increased ten times from those of the initial brines for all samples.


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