Effect of Washing Conditions in Salted Chinese Cabbage on the Quality of Kimchi

절임 배추의 세척 조건에 따른 김치의 숙성중 품질 변화

  • Published : 2000.02.01


Salted Chinese cabbage was washed in 1,000 ppm solutions of grapefruit seed extract(GFSE) or citric acid, and used to make kimchi for the retentio of quality characteristics during fermentation at $10^{\circ}C$. Kimchi treated with GFSE or citric acid showed a retarded increase in titratable acidity and decrease in pH and reducing sugar content. Total microbial count and lactic acid bacteria of GFSE treated kimchi were about 1.1 log(CFU/g) lower than those of control and citric acid treated kimchi after making, but the difference was gradually reduced during fermentation.


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