The Effects of Shellfish Hydrolysates on Lipid Metabolism in Rats Fed High-Fat Diet

고지방식이를 급여한 흰쥐의 패류가수분해물 급여 효과

  • Published : 2000.06.01


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of shellfish hydrolysate on lipid metabolism in rats fed high fat diet. Male Sprague-Dawley rate weighting approximately 110g were fed basal control diet, high fat diet and high fat diet plus 4 different shellfish hydrolyates for 4 weeks. The shellfish hydrolysates from the different sources, were oyster, hard-shelled mussel, little neck clam and march clam. After 4 weeks, serum GOT, GPT, ${\gamma}$-GTP, triglyceride and total cholesterol was significantly decreased in shellfish hydrolysates supplementation with high fat diet compared to basal control and high-fat group(p<0.05). The total lipid and cholesterol content in liver showed significant decrease(p, 0.05). There were no different in serum GPT, HDL-cholesterol, liver total cholesterol and lipid of rats between basal control diet and high-fat diet. The unsaturated fatty acids, specific components of shellfishes were a little components in shellfish hydrolysate as they were a low and not different among the groups and were most well reflected in liver and plasma. Considering digestive and absorptive process of in human body, it was assumed that the hypolipidemic effect of shellfish was not under the influence of unsaturated fatty acids but the other components, peptides, taurine and betaine and so on was detected in the process of hyperlipidemia induced by high-fat diet.


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