Hardening of Steel Sheets with Orthotropy Axes Rotations and Kinematic Hardening

  • Hahm, Ju-Hee (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea,) ;
  • Kim, Kwon-Hee (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea) ;
  • Yin, Jung-Je (Department of Mechanical Engineering & Design, Induk Institute of Technology, Seoul, South Korea)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


Anisotropic work hardening of cold rolled low carbon steel sheets is studied. The experiments consist of two stage tensile prestraining and tensile tests. At the first prestraining, steel sheets are streteched along the rolling direction by 3% and 6% tensile strains. The second prestrains are at 0${\cric}$, 30${\cric}$, 60${\cric}$to the rolling directions by varying degrees. Tensile tests are performed on the specimens cut from the sheets after the two stage prestraining. A theoretical framework on anisotropic hardening is proposed which includes Hill's quadratic yield function, ziegler's kinematic hardening rule, and Kim and Yin's assumption on the rotation of orthotropy axes. The predicted variations of R-values with second stage tensile strain are compared with the experimental data.