단기 크리프 시험 결과를 이용한 콘크리트의 크리프 예측시의 수정


  • 발행 : 2000.08.01


Creep of concrete is the most dominating factor affecting time-dependent deformations of concrete structures. Especially, creep deformation for design and construction in prestressed concrete structures should be predicted accurately because of its close relation with the loss in prestree of prestressed concrete structures. Existing creep-prediction models for special applications contain several impractical factors such as the lack ok accuracy, the requirement of long-term test and the lack of versatility for change in material properties, ets., which should be improved. In order to improve those drawbacks, a methodology to modify the creep-prediction equation specified in current Korean concrete structures design standard (KCI-99), which underestimates creep of concrete and does not consider change of condition in mixture design, is proposed. In this study, short-term creep tests were carried out for early-age concrete within 28 days after loading and their test results on influencing factors in the equation are analysed. Then, the prediction equation was modified by using the early-age creep test results. The modified prediction equation was verified by comparing their results with results obtained from long-term creep test.


creep of concrete;early-age concrete;modification of creep-prediction equation;short-term creep test


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