A Survey on the Pesticide Use and Perceptions about the Hazards of Pesticiedes among the Farmers in Kyoungju Area, Korea

일부 경주지역 농민의 농약사용실태 및 농약의 위험성에 대한 인식 조사

  • 이경무 (서울대학교 보건대학원 환경보건학과) ;
  • 정문호 (서울대학교 보건대학원 환경보건학과)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


This study was done for the purpose of investigating the status of the use and perceptions of pesticides among the farmers who spray them in person. And it was also done to provide the basic statistics for the Agricultural Health Policy and study. Over the part of agricultural area in Kyungju and Ulsan City, Korea, from July to September 1999, 1032 questionnaires were distributed and 561 of them were collected and 447 were analysed. Major results of this study are as follows. The proportion of those who have special location for pesticides storage was only 5.3%, and that of those who lock hte storage location was only 13.6%. As to the treatment of bottles after use, most common response was 'burn in home'(47.7%). Most farmers purchase pesticides through 'pesticide store' or 'Agricultural Cooperatives'. The knowledge and Usage of pesticides depends in large part on experiences. The farmers who cultivate orchard spray pesticides more frequently than those cultivate paddy rice mainly. Most common pesticides in use are oganophosphates and carbamates. And also the pesticides that contains so-called 'Environmental Hormone' are used. The perception about the hazards of pesticides is rather superficial and insufficient. 'Herbicide(Gramoxon·Paraco)'(38%) is accepted as the most hazardous by farmers.