A Model for Fatigue Life In CFRP Laminates with Impact Damage

충격손상을 가진 CFRP 적층복합재료의 피로수명예측모델

  • Published : 2000.11.01


This paper presents the fatigue behavior of composite materials with impact-induced damage. The impact damage parameter is proposed to evaluate the effect of impact damage on fatigue life. Subsequently, a new model is developed to predict the fatigue life of impacted composite materials. Also, a stochastic model is proposed to describe the variation of fatigue life due to the material nonhomogeneity. For these models, the fatigue tests were performed on the unimpacted and impacted composite materials, The effect of impact damage on fatigue life can be characterized by the impact damage parameter. Additionally, the results by the present fatigue life prediction model agree will with experimental results regardless of applied impact energy. Also, the variation of fatigue life can be described by the present stochastic model and is reduced with applied impact energy.


CFRP Laminates;Impact Damage Parameter;Fatigue Life Prediction Model;Stochastic Analysis


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