헬리컬 흡수기의 흡수 열물질전달 해석

Gwon, O-Gyeong;Im, Jong-Geuk;Yun, Jeong-In;Kim, Seon-Chang;Yun, Jae-Ho

  • 발행 : 2000.11.01


The absorption of vapor involves simultaneous heat and mass transfer in the vapor/liquid system. In this paper, a numerical study for vapor absorption process into LIBr-H$_2$O solution film flowing over helical absorber has been carried out. Axisymmetric cylindrical coordinate system was adopted to model the helical tube and the transport equations were solved by the finite volume method. The effects of operating conditions, such as the cooling water temperature. the system pressure, the film Reynolds number and the solution inlet concentration have been investigated in view of the absorption mass flux and the total absorption mass flux and the total absorption rate. The results for the temperature and concentration profiles, as well as the local absorption mass flux at the helical absorber are presented. It is shown that solution inlet concentration affected other than operation conditions for a mass flux.


흡수식 냉난방기;흡수과정;열 및 물질 전달;헬리컬형 흡수기;리튬브로마이드 수용액


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