Kinematic Synthesis and Analysis of RSS-SC Suspension System Using Acceptable Tolerances of Motion

운동의 허용공차를 이용한 RSSS-SC 현장장치의 기구학적 설계

  • Published : 2000.11.01


In synthesizing and RSSS-SC mechanism that is the kinematic model of the McPherson strut suspension system in automobiles, the design equations for R-S, S-S and S-C dyads should be solved separately for a given set of prescribed positions. The number of prescribed positions that the RSSS-SC mechanism can be synthesized is up to three because of the S-C dyad. This limitation may cause unsatisfactory results in synthesized joint positions. This paper presents a kinematic synthesis method to place the joints of an RSSS-SC mechanism in desired boundaries by varying the prescribed positions of the mechanism within acceptable tolerances. The sensitivity analysis of the joint positions is used determine which displacement parameter should be altered to fulfill this task.


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