The Distal Filling Effects on Hip Jont Function in Cementless Total Hip Replacement

인공 고관절 대치술에서 무시멘트형 스템의 원위부 압박이 고관철 성능에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.11.01


In cementless total hip replacement(THR), an initial stability of the femoral component is important to long term fixation of femoral stem. The intial stability has close relationship with the relative displacement of prosthessis and sponge bone at the proximal of femur. After implantation of the proshesis, the surrounding bone is partially shielded from load carrying and starts to resorb. Stress shielding is the cause of the loss of proximal bone. Assessing stress distribution of femur is important to predict stress shielding. The initial stability and the stress shielding were investigated for two loading conditions approximating a single leg stance and a stair climbing. Three types of stems were studied by the finite element method to analyze the biomechanical effects of distal filling of cementless femoral stems. Three types of stems empolyed are a distal filling stem, a distal flexible stem, and a distal tapered stem.


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