오리피스를 이용한 유압 액추에이터의 충격치 제어특성에 관한 실험적 연구

Lee, Ju-Seong;Lee, Gye-Bok

  • 발행 : 2000.11.01


Control of shock may be important in the hydraulic system and necessary to avoid failure and to improve the efficiency of operation. This study addresses the design and use of an orifice to provide the desired control of the hydraulic actuator system. The experimental apparatus is an idealization of an automobile shift system. Control is accomplished by installing three different types of orifices at appropriate locations in the system. Experimental results show that the orifice can be used to obtain the control of shock and control level depends on the orifice size, orifice type, operating pressure and flow rate.


충격제어;오리피스;직경비;유압 액추에이터;유압계통


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