A Development of Hardware-in-the Loop Simulation System For a Electric Power Steering System

전동식 동력 조향 장치 연구를 의한 HILS 시스템 개발

Park, Dong-Jin;Yun, Seok-Chan;Han, Chang-Su

  • Published : 2000.12.01


In this study, a Hardware-In-The-Loop-Simulation(HILS) system for developing a Electric-Power-Steering(EPS) system is designed. To test a EPS by HILS system, a mathematical vehicle model with a steering system model has been constructed. This mathematical model has been constructed. This mathematical model has been downloaded to the Digital-Signal-Processor(DSP) board. To realize the lateral force acting on the front wheel in a real car. the steering wheel angle sensor and vehicle velocity have been used for input signal. The force sensor has been used for a feedback signal. The full vehicle states could by simulated by the HILS system. Consequently, the HILS system could by used to analyze control-parameters of a EPS that contributes to the maneuverability and stability of a vehicle. At the same time, the HILS system can evaluate the whole performance of the vehicle-steering system. Also the HILS system could do test could not be executed in real vehicle. The HILs system will useful for developing the control logic for the EPS system.


HILS(Hardware-in-the Loop Simulation);EPS;DSP;Real Time Control;Bond Graph


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