A Study on Prediction of Temperature Distribution in Pipe Girth Welding by Mapping Theory

사상 이론을 이용한 파이프 원주 용접의 온도 분포 예측에 관한 연구

Jo, Yeong-Tae;Na, Seok-Ju

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Gas tungsten arc(GTA) welding is used to rrpiar the seat ring in swing type check valve in power plant because of its high weld quality. In order to automate the welding process, it is needed to analyze the process of inside pipe girth welding. In this study, the shapes of weld bead on pipe inside and outside were predicted and its validity was investigated. On the assumption that the welding arc had a bivariate gaussian distribution, analytical solution was derived to predict the temperature distribution in pipe weld using mapping under consideration of physical relationships. The size of weld bean could be predicted from this equation and its accuracy was verified by experiments.


GTAW;Pipe Girth Welding;Mapping Theory;Three Dimensional Transient Temperature Distribution


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