Design of Structure Using Orthogonal Array Considering Interactions in Discrete Design Spaces

직교배열표를 이용한 불연속 공간에서의 교호작용을 고려한 구조물 설계

Hwang, Gwang-Hyeon;Gwon, U-Seong;Lee, Gwon-Hui;Park, Gyeong-Jin

  • Published : 2000.12.01


The design of experiment(DOE) is getting more attention in the engineering community since it is easy to understand and apply. Recently, engineering designers are adopting DOE with orthogonal arrays when they want to design products in a discrete design space. In this research, a design flow with orthogonal arrays is defined for structural design according to the general DOE. The design problem is defined as a general structural optimization problem. Sensitivity information is evaluated by the analysis of variance(ANOVA), and an optimum design is determined from analysis of means(ANOM). Interactions between design variables are investigated to achieve additivity which should be valid in DOE. When strong interactions exit, a method is proposed. Some methods to consider the problem are suggested.


Interactions;Additivity;Sum of Squares;Confounding;Linear Graph;Analysis of Variance;Orthogonal Array


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