Densification Behavior of Titanium Alloy Powder Under Hot Pressing

고온 금형압축시 티타늄 합금 분말의 치밀화 거동

Yang, Hun-Cheol;Kim, Gi-Tae

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Densification behavior of titanium alloy powder was investigated under hot pressing at various pressures and temperatures. Experimental date were obtained for densification of titanium alloy powder under an instantaneous loading and subsequent creep deformation during hot pressing. The constitutive models of Fleck et al. and the modified Gurson were employed for thermo-phastic deformation under the instantaneous loading and that f Abouaf and co-workers for creep deformation of titanium alloy powder during hot pressing. By implementing these constitutive equations into a finite element program(ABAQUS), finite element results were compared with experimental data during hot pressing. To investigate the effect of friction between the power and die wall, density distributions of power compacts were measured and compared with finite element calculations. Finite element results from the models of Fleck et al. and the modified Gurson agreed reasonably good with experimental data for densification and density distribution of titanium alloy powder under the instantaneous loading during hot pressing. Finite element results from the model of Abouaf and co-workers, however, somewhat overestimate experimental data for creep deformation of power compacts during hot pressing.


Titanium Alloy Powder;Hot Pressing;Densification;Finite Element Analysis


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