Mathematical Model of Hard Disk Drive Actuator System

하드디스크 드라이브 액추에이터 시스템의 수학적 모델

Gwon, Sun-Eok;Park, No-Yeol;Kim, Jun-O;Jeong, Tae-Geon

  • Published : 2000.12.01


We obtain the mathematical model of the hard disk drive actuator system the system response data of the finite element analysis or experimental results. The model is base on the Rayleigh-Ritz method to approximate the dynamic response of the actuator system. The basic idea is to use the curve-fit technique to obtain the approximation coefficients. It allows the dynamic analysis of the actuator system without resort to the repetitive finite element modeling work. Even though the dynamic characteristics of the system of the system are affected somewhat by the structural modification and the change of the material properties, we can use the modified size and dynamic properties of the actuator system in the mathematical model to some extent. In this study, we express the mathematical model of the simplified rectangular plate first and then proceed to the actual hard disk drive actuator system.


Mathematica Model;Actuator;Trial Function;Approximation Coeficient;Frequency Response Function


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