파장 가변형 KrF 에시머 레이저를 이용한 층류 비예혼합 수소 화염에서의 2차원적 온도 및 농도 계측

Kim, Gun-Hong;Jin, Seong-Ho;Kim, Yong-Mo;Park, Gyeong-Seok;Kim, Se-Won;Kim, Gyeong-Su

  • 발행 : 2000.12.01


Rayleigh scattering and laser induced predissociative fluorescence are employed for capturing two-dimensional images of temperature and species concentration in a laminar nonpremixed flame of a diluted hydrogen jet. Rayleigh scattering cross-sections are experimentally obtained ar 248nm. Dispersed LIPF spectra of OH and O$_2$ are also measured in a flame in order to confirm the excitation of single vibronic state of OH and O$_2$ .OH and O$_2$ are excited on the P$_1$(8) line of the A $^2\Sigma ^+(v^`=3) - X^2\pi (V^"=0)$ band and R(17) line of the Schumann-Runge band B $^3\Sigma _u^-(v^`=0) - X ^3\Sigma _g^-(v^"=6)$, respectively. Fluorescence spectra of OH and Hot O$_2$ are captured and two-dimensional images of the hydrogen flame field are successfully visualized.


레일리 산란;레이저 유도 선해리 형광;층류 비예혼합 화염;엑시머 레이저


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