Development of a System of r Regular Evaluation of Streamflow Data (KOwaco's Regular Streamflow Appraising System)

  • Noh, jae-Kyoung (Water Resources Research Institute, Korea Water Resources Corporation)
  • 발행 : 2000.06.01


A system for evaluating streamflow data (KORSAS) was developed, and is operated using PC based Windows to help the hydrological observation practitioner's working in Korea Water Resources Corporation (KOWACO). This system has modules including; DB access and data management, flow measurement arranging, H-Q relation deriving, area rainfall calculating, flow calculating, and flow evaluating modules. Evaluation of observed streamflow is accomplished through the following processes. First, hourly streamflow data is calculated from water level data stored in a DB server by applying the rating relationship between water level and flow rates derived from the past flow measurements. Second, hourly areal rainfal data is calculated from point data stored in the DB server by applying Thiessen networks. Third, hydrographs are displayed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal duration basis, and are compared to hydrographs of reservoir inflow, hydrographs at water level observation stations and hydrographs derived from simulated results using models.



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